We’re sure you’ve heard about the massive California power outage sweeping across the state right now. Up to 2.5 million Californians are losing power and people are seriously freaking out. But here’s something you might not have heard yet. Thousands of male tarantulas have also started coming out and now they’re crawling all over various CA cities. *Shivers*

What’s worse than being left in the dark surrounded by hairy spiders? Nothing. 

Seriously is this the plague? If you haven’t heard about the massive California power outage yet, here’s a quick recap. 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) along with Southern California Edison (SCE) have shut off power for millions of California customers. It’s part of a state-mandated protocol to help prevent wildfire spreads.

Right now, there are dangerous weather conditions sweeping across the state. California is at a high risk of fires due to very high winds and low humidity. Numerous schools and businesses have closed down due to the lack of electricity and even traffic lights aren’t working. 

Officials say that California residents could be without electricity for up to one week! Everyone is scrambling to buy food, water, gas, and flashlights. 

Now that people are losing power in 34 counties statewide, tarantulas are coming out in hordes, crawling across various cities. What’s going on?

It’s the worst possible timing. As it turns out, it’s tarantula mating season.

The warm weather is bringing out these spooky spiders by the thousands and it’s happening on an unusually large scale.

Gangs of tarantulas are crawling out of their burrows in search of a mate. People have reported seeing them across parts of Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

While they mostly come out at night (great), you can see them during all hours of the day. Thankfully, despite being some of the largest spiders in the world, they are not aggressive. If you see one, leave them alone and they will eventually go on their business.

We’re just hoping we don’t see any. Good luck out there. 

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