Events and museums are closing across the state, leaving people wondering what to do for entertainment. While we're all practicing social distancing at home, virtual tours and funny memes have been a welcome escape. If you're a sucker for cute animal videos, chances are you'll love this. Some rats at the California Science Center rats took a 'field trip' during the closure and it's so adorable.

From the looks of things, this museum drew inspiration from the adorable penguins waddling around Chicago's Shedd Aquarium.

Not to be outdone, these little rats decided to have a science day themselves. Who's up for an adventure?

Today, the Exposition Park institution shared some fun behind-the-scenes photos of their rats enjoying a grand tour of the aquarium exhibits.

From the looks of things, these balls of fluff loved the kelp forest. TBH, we can't blame them. Have you seen anything cuter than this?

At one point, the staff even gave them a little ball to run in, all the way down the long hallway between the kelp tunnels.

Ready, set, go!

While the California Science Center is temporarily closed to the general public, nothing is stopping you from watching its animal residents have the time of their furry lives.

California Science Center Rats

A statement released by the museum reveals, "The Science Center's living collections staff will continue to provide on-site animal care and operate critical life-support systems in the Kelp Forest and other living environments."

California Science Center Rats

We're glad to see the animals are getting the attention and TLC they deserve.

If you're in the mood for more cuteness delivered to your phone, why not watch the Aquarium of the Pacific's live cam?

California Science Center Rats

It'll bring the wonder of California's marine life right to your living room, bedroom, or wherever you're lounging at the moment.