Camila Cabello's solo career is thriving. After she left Fifth Harmony at the end of 2016, she made it very clear she wanted to work on a solo album and did not hesitate to do so. Her self-titled album Camila has blown off the charts, and the response to her solo album is very positive. However, she is still receiving some backlash from her decision to depart from Fifth Harmony. And so is Taylor Swift, apparently. 

It was announced on March 1st that Camila, along with Charli XCX, would be opening acts for Taylor Swift's upcoming Reputation tour. Taylor Swift and Camila have been friends for years, and on her 1989 tour, Taylor Swift actually invited Fifth Harmony to sing their then hit Worth It. They've been close ever since, and now according to Camila, the tour will be 'one big sleepover'. However, you can't have a little fun without a little backlash. 

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In an interview with UK radio host Dan Wootton, she was asked about the rumour that Taylor Swift encouraged her to leave Fifth Harmony. Camila made it very clear that it was her decision, and her decision only. She stated, "It annoyed me that people said she was encouraging me because I know she probably got a lot of negative criticism for that". She went on to say no one could ever persuade her to do something, even if the whole world was telling her to. She's apparently always been that way. 

She even gave us a little inside scoop of what it's like to hang out with Taylor Swift, and that they're never talking about life-changing career moves. Camila says "To be honest with you, she's never had anything to do with that. It's so funny because when Taylor and I talk and whenever we hang out we talk about love and boys". Wow, seems like a Taylor Swift album right there!

You can see the BFFs together on Taylor Swift's reputation tour, which starts on May 8th. She's only making one stop in Canada, which is in Toronto