If you're sick of living in the busy city, there's no better cure than a big dose of open sky and stunning waters. There's a hidden beach with a campsite near Vancouver and it's super easy to get to. And if you're short on tents, don't worry — they're renting out real log cabins for a bargain.

Porteau Cove is probably one of the most B.C. places you can go, with everything anyone needs to experience from the province all in one gorgeous location.

Right on the east shore of Howe Sound, this gorgeous beach just under 40 kilometres from Vancouver so it's great for a day trip or quick getaway.

The nearby forests are great for a day out hiking, and there's plenty of wildlife to scope out too.

If you'd love to stay the night but the thought of sleeping rough in a tent makes you nervous, no worries there — the park rents out real log cabins on the cheap.

Imagine lying on the shore of Howe Sound, surrounded by the quiet sounds of nature, the lapping waves, the soft crackle of the campfire.

The park also comes with a ton of amenities for the camper in you, from sanitation stations to propane campfire rentals.

There are 60 campsites in total. Prices can run you $20 per party if you're walking in, or up to $43 per party if you're driving. The drive-in campsites get cheaper over the winter.

These four-person cabins run at $159 a night during the low season and $229 at the peak season and they have a full kitchenette, bathroom, and deck with a BBQ.

This is about as close to paradise as you can get, and it's waiting just outside the city.

Porteau Cove

Price: $20+

Address: Howe Sound, BC

Why You Need To Go: Nothing like camping by the sea, with beautiful waters and calm nature all around.

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