In just a few weeks, the 2018 Olympic Games will commence in PyeongChang. Most recent news has been the announcement of Canada's two flag bearers. The two athletes who have been honoured with the privilege are figure skating duo Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. While it's their sixth time joining the march, it will be their first time holding the flag - and the first time in Canada's history that the nation elects for two flag bearers. 

Did we mention they're some serious couple goals? The two athletes have skated together for twenty years, the longest lasting dance team in Canadian history. In what could be the final stretch of their competitive careers, Tessa and Scott are considered as some of the greatest ice dancers of all time. Perhaps the best part of their duo? Probably the craziest flag-bearing photos that we've ever seen! 

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While the duo has never confirmed to have a relationship with each other, they've admitted that they have a "very complicated relationship with each other". Even though they've dated other athletes in the ice dance and figure skating world, it's hard to deny the electricity seen on ice when the two perform. 

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And when you've got a figure skating duo that's been skating together since they were ten years old, can you really blame us for dreaming? The two have called being flag bearers for Canada the "highest honour of [their] careers". They'll look to lead 230 athletes come the Winter Games in South Korea. Go bring home the gold guys!