Canada Won't Run Out Of Beef After All But Trudeau Says You Might Pay More For It

Canadian supply is the industry's focus.
Canada Beef Shortage Not Expected But Prices Might Go Up Says Trudeau

Food is on everyone's minds. From the beginning, people have been worried about running out of certain staples. However, the Prime Minister has said that a Canada beef shortage is not expected, although you might have to pay a little bit more.

While taking questions following his April 21 address, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked about outbreaks at meat-packing plants and whether Canadians should be worried about the supply chain.

In response, Trudeau said that the government doesn't expect that there will be any shortage of beef in the country.

"We are not at this point anticipating any shortages of beef," Trudeau said, "but prices might go up. We will, of course, be monitoring that very, very carefully."

Trudeau also noted that Canadian beef producers and associations had informed the government that their focus will be on maintaining the national supply rather than exporting.

He added that it was "extremely important" to keep workers in all industries safe, essential or otherwise.

It was previously reported that COVID-19 could have a "drastic" effect on Canada's meat supply.

This came after employees at a Cargill meat plant in Alberta tested positive for the virus, causing the location to shut down its operations.

"I am pleased to see measures being taken to reflect on how to keep people safe," he said.

In addition, a report from Dalhousie University indicated that food prices will continue to rise after this year due to the economic impacts of the pandemic. 

Certain items, like flour, eggs and milk have been running out quickly in grocery stores. 

However, Canadian food industry experts have said that people should trust the country's supply chain.

While certain grocery items might be emptied out faster, there's no shortage of food.

Photos of re-stocked shelves were even circulating to show that supplies were still making their way into stores.