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National Beer Day Is Coming To Canada This Fall For The First Time Ever

There's an online clock counting down to Canadian Beer Day!
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National Beer Day Is Coming To Canada This Fall For The First Time Ever

There is no denying that Canadians love a ‘national day’ that celebrates the things that we hold most dear. In Canada, we currently have a national date dedicated to mac n cheese, ice-cream, donuts, maple syrup, even coffee. However, until very recently, there wasn’t a national day dedicated to the best beverage! Thankfully, it was announced yesterday that, as of 2019, Canada will have an official beer day to celebrate the alcoholic drink- and it couldn’t come soon enough!

From this year onwards, October 9 will become the inaugural Canadian beer day,  and it will be a perfect day for the people of Canada to get together and raise a glass in celebration. According to the news release, October 9 will be a day of festivities, big and small, and it will reach far and wide across the country. 

The statement explains that the day will “provide brewers, farmers, the hospitality industry, and beer lovers an opportunity to come together and recognize the historical, cultural and economic impact beer has had on our great country.”

As it turns out, people are so excited about Canadian Beer Day, an official online countdown clock has been made, meaning you can visit the online clock at any time to find out exactly how long it is until beer day- to the second!

Sadly, this is not a government initiative, therefore it is unlikely the country will be given a public holiday for the occasion (which is unfortunate as this year Canadian Beer Day will fall on a Wednesday!) However, the people over at Beer Canada are doing their best to make sure the whole country is able to go out and celebrate, by encouraging brewers nationwide to get involved.

The press release explains that Canada boasts nearly 1,000 breweries of different sizes, which employ thousands of Canadians nationwide. The statement adds that, “Breweries provide key support to thousands of community organizations and events every year. They also support farmers by purchasing more than 300,000 tonnes of Canadian malting barley every year.”

The official launch party for annual Canadian Beer Day will be held at Great Western Brewing Company in Saskatoon, however, it is likely that opportunities will pop up all over the country for people to get together and celebrate beer.

Beer Canada President, Luke Harford, explained, "From hockey games and patio days to curling rinks and BBQs, beer is synonymous with activities that bring us all together." 

Harford added, "That's why we are asking Canadians to consider spending Canadian Beer Day toasting at your local brewery, pub, restaurant, or even in your own backyard."

Whether you fancy having beers out at your local pub, on your own front patio, or over at a friend's house, remember that October 9 falls on a Wednesday this year. Maybe it’s worth asking for Thursday morning off work - just in case!

    Helena Hanson
    Trending Editor
    Helena Hanson is a Senior Editor for Narcity Canada's Trending Desk focused on major news. She previously lived in Ottawa, but is now based in the U.K.
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