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CBSA Reveals What To Expect At The Canadian Border Right Now

Passengers arriving internationally will have to go through this.

Getting into Canada is going to take a lot more than flashing a passport. The Canada Border Services Agency is taking stronger measures during the COVID-19 outbreak — that includes more strict screening processes for all travellers entering the country through an airport.

In an infographic posted to their social media channels on March 16, the CBSA lays out what travellers can expect during a screening upon entering the country.

First, they will either be asked at a kiosk or by a CBSA officer if they have a cough, difficulty breathing, or feel as if they have a fever.

If the person answers no, then they will proceed to acknowledge a statement saying "I acknowledge that I am/we are being asked to self-isolate for the next 14 days to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19."

After that, travellers are asked again about their health. If they say they feel fine, they are let through with a green Public Health Agency of Canada handout, provided there are no other concerns.

These travellers will then be required to self-isolate for two weeks.

If at any point during questioning a traveller states that they are experiencing symptoms, they will be given a mask kit and a COVID-19 form to fill out. They will then be referred to a PHAC quarantine officer. 

They will be given a red PHAC handout and must report to a local health authority within 24 hours.

As mentioned by the Prime Minister during his public statement on March 16, anyone who is exhibiting symptoms before boarding a flight will be not be permitted onto the plane.

On top of that, anyone who presents symptoms while in-flight will be met by CBSA officers at the terminal, given a mask, and escorted through the airport away from other people.

"The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is committed to limiting the spread of COVID-19 in Canada," John Ossowski, President of the Canada Border Services Agency said in a statement.

"Health and safety remains our top priority. Canada’s border services officers are professionals and have experience ensuring the health and safety of Canadians and Canada’s economy."