If you've ever considered a career in law enforcement, now's your chance. Canada Border Service is hiring new agents without previous experience and the starting salary is $64,000 a year. That's right, no previous experience required, but you will need to meet the other eligibility requirements. 

First of all, you must be at least 18 years old and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. You are also required to have completed high school, but no post-secondary education is required. Then there are some other qualifications you have to get. On top of having your driver's license, you'll also need to complete the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and the Canadian Restricted Firearm Safety Course prior to starting at the CBSA, and at your own expense. 

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As long as you meet all those requirements, you can apply to be a CBSA agent. Of course, to actually work as an agent you'll also have to pass a number of tests including physical, medical, and psychological testing. This includes passing the mandatory CBSA fitness test.

To make sure this is really something that suits you though, CBSA has also prepared a list of expectations and other traits you should possess if you want to become an agent. 

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This list includes but is not limited to the following questions: 

  • Are you prepared to relocate if necessary?
  • Are you ready to work shifts that include weekends and statutory holidays?
  • Are you willing to carry a duty firearm and other defensive equipment?
  • Would you be comfortable working in an airport, at a land border or a marine operation, including high volume environments, adverse weather conditions and doing examinations in small/confined areas? 
  • Are you comfortable interacting with people who come from different cultures and backgrounds?

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If you are successful, the salary for CBSA trainees ranges from $64,234 to $71,525 annually. Once you have successfully completed your training program, your salary range will increase to $69,486 to $82,411 per year. 

On top of that, after six months at CBSA, you will also be given benefits including health and dental as well as pension benefits. 

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If you are interested in becoming a CBSA agent, the applications are now open will be available until February 8th, 2019. To submit your application, click here.