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Canada Child Benefit Is Going To Families Even If They're Wealthy

Canadians appear to be getting the help they need in one way or another. Whether it's through the CERB or a boost to the Canada Child Benefit, the government is doing its best to give people what they need. Even people who might not need the financial boost appear to be benefitting.

According to a report from CBC News, families who don't normally qualify for the Canada Child Benefit will also be getting assistance from the government. 

However, it will be slightly less than the $300 dollar per child boost that will be applied to any families that normally receive the benefit.

A government official confirmed to CBC that families with a net income of $215,000 will still receive a boost, but one that is smaller than $300.

The official also said that 3.7 million families who are already receiving the Canada Child Benefit will get the full amount. All of this will be determined by the information in peoples' 2018 tax returns until July, where the payments will be recalculated based on your 2019 information.

However, the richest families in Canada still will not qualify for any of the newly introduced assistance.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau previously announced the increase to the CCB during his May 16 address. It will stay in place for the entire 2020 to 2021 benefit year.

The boost to the Canada Child Benefit is not the only way the government is putting money in the hands of Canadians.

People who have lost their jobs or just the bulk of their income can receive $2000 a month through the Canada emergency Response Benefit.

Students who are unable to find work can also receive $1250 a month through the CESB. However, they must be able to prove that they have been looking for work.

Luckily, the Canada Summer Jobs program is now in full swing, and there are thousands of positions that young people can apply to.

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