With the climate strikes happening in cities across the country and so many people attending, there were bound to be some incredible photos. But what we're really here for is all the adorable dogs at the strikes. The Canada climate strike dogs were a real treat. 

Not only are people taking a stand against climate change but dogs are too. Lots of precious pups were in attendance for climate strikes all over Canada and it couldn't have been any cuter. 

The strikes, rallies and marches happening in two territories and every province are part of the Global Climate Strike to demand action on climate change. 

Save The Humans

These furry friends are looking out for us. We do not deserve them.

Winter Is Not Coming

You can't go wrong with a Game Of Thrones reference especially when your dog could have been on the show. Climate change meets HBO.

Hot Dogs/Cool Dogs

Not your typical hot dog.

We Need Trees

We all love trees, even dogs. And they need them for some special reasons.

Pick Up Your Own Crap

This dog is definitely not happy with littering and neither are we.

And You Call Me A Bitch

Very on the money. We respect her for her bravery.

No Dogs To Pet

This one is too sad to even think about.

Respect Your Mother

And finally, the wisest of all the messages. This dog has it right.

We thank these courageous pups for braving the crowds at the climate strikes to get their messages across. If people don't want to listen to other people, hopefully, they'll listen to these dogs when it comes to protecting the environment and taking action on climate change.

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