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Trudeau Calls For All Canadians To "Stay Home" To Help Fight Against COVID-19

He suggests we call friends or hop on FaceTime.
Canada Coronavirus Advisory Calls For All Canadians To "Stay Home" To Fight The Outbreak

The Prime Minister of Canada emerged from his home, where he and his wife are currently in quarantine, to address the public on Monday, March 16. In his address, Justin Trudeau outlined a number of strict travel regulations and advised Canadians to stay home. Though many individuals have found themselves in self-isolation on account of recent travel, this advice has now extended to all individuals across the country. 

"Staying home is an important step to protect the community and each other. We all have to do it," said Trudeau.

Trudeau explained that this advisory is in place to help the healthcare system focus on those who are currently sick and in need of care. 

In addition, staying home decreases the chances of contributing to the spread of COVID-19, he said. 

He then went on to say that just because we have been advised to self-isolate, this does not mean that we cannot communicate with one another.

The Prime Minister suggested that citizens call their friends, hop on FaceTime, and continue to foster community beyond the constraints of quarantine. 

He continued to say that Canadians who aren't experiencing symptoms can still go to the grocery store, though he stressed that we should only buy what we need. 

He also recommended asking your neighbours if they need anything if you're venturing out. 

As for individuals unable to work remotely, the Prime Minister did not mention anything about work or time off during the pandemic.

"Our first priority is and always will be the continued safety of Canadians," to Prime Minister said to the press following his announcements

For further information, Health Canada is consistently updating its site with information and advisories.

Government updates will now be coming in the form of daily briefings for Canadians. 

The government is working hard to make the adjustments needed to "flatten the curve" of this outbreak. Meaning that they are working to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Though much of today's updates have to do with travel, Trudeau reiterated that we must operate from a place of compassion, buy only what we need, stay home, and practice extensive personal sanitation. 

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