It's time for some good news. After everything people have been going through, almost half of Canada's COVID-19 cases have ended in recovery.  The country's top doctor sees that as a sure sign that we're getting through this.

In a May 5 Twitter thread, Dr. Theresa Tam confirmed that over 26,000 patients have made full recoveries from the virus, accounting for 43% of Canada's cases.

"We must continue to make our way carefully down the curve, remembering that the many of the #PublicHealth measures that helped us #PlanktheCurve will continue to serve us well as we work to #CrushtheCurve," Tam wrote.

She once again also emphasized the need to continue practicing good social distancing, proper hand hygiene, and staying home if you're feeling sick.

"Canadians are doing their part but will need to be supported when & where society/work is reopened. #ProtecttheVulnerable #StayHomeSavesLives," Tam concluded.

According to Worldometers, these new recovery numbers leave just over 31,000 confirmed cases across the country, with only about two percent of those being critical.

Dr. Tam has been showing optimism about the situation in Canada, even saying that the "time is right" for reopening parts of the economy.

"Our collective efforts have slowed the growth of #COVID19 overall," she wrote on Twitter. 

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer has also continued to teach Canadians about the importance of handwashing.

She even provided a link to a website where you can make your own poster with your favourite song lyrics to make sure you're washing for at least 20 seconds.

While acknowledging that the country is close to resuming what she called "a new normal," Dr. Tam has also been careful to note that the stricter hygiene practices Canadians have picked up during this time should remain.

"No matter where we are, living with #COVID19 is something we need to reconcile with," she wrote on Twitter, "This means #PhysicalDistancing (keeping 2 metres #TogetherApart from others), #handwashing, & #coughetiquette must continue. #KeepItUp."