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Canadians Are Dealing With The Federal Leaders' Debate By Drinking

Another debate, another drinking game.

Is it really a debate if people aren't talking about drinking games? For the federal leaders' debate on October 7 Canadians are taking to drinking. The Canada debate drinking game is proving Canadians were drinking a lot during the debate.

When a political debate comes around it's easy to find all sorts of games when it comes to what will happen during the debate and drinking games are always top of mind. 

During the Maclean's debate in September, Canadians took to Twitter to help each other get the most out of their debate drinking games. 

And this federal leaders' debate also has Canadians sharing their drinking games online.

A lot of Canadians are dealing with the two-hour-long debate full of arguing, snipes and jabs by drinking and creating their own drinking games.

People's drinking games for this debate has a lot to do with which politicans the leaders mention, what exactly they say, when leaders interruption each other and when you can't understand what anybody is saying. 

And all of those things happen quite often.

Some people had a different approach to drinking during the debate and that's just drinking. No real game required. 

One person on Twitter said the game is just "drink every time" and another said, "I need to drink to cope with this debate."

Many Canadians are using drinking games to get through the debate for either coping purposes or for entertainment purposes. 

If the debate drama is anything to go by, Canadians are surely having a good time with their drinking games.

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