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If You're Black Friday Shopping In The U.S. There Are Some Rules About Paying Duty & Taxes

You can save at the border too!
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Canada Duty Exemption Depends On How Long You're In The U.S.

With the U.S. being so close, making a trip across the border to shop is an easy thing for some Canadians. However, when you bring goods back into Canada you have to pay duty and taxes. The Canada duty exemption can allow you to claim goods without having to pay duty and taxes but it depends on how long your visit is.

Countless retailers are offering up big savings for Black Friday and they don't just last the one day. Deals are available before and after the Friday following American Thanksgiving.

With more Canadians taking advantage of those savings both here in Canada and in the U.S., there are some important things to know about shopping across the border.

You could qualify for a personal exemption when coming back which allows you to bring goods up to a certain value with you without paying regular duty and taxes.

"The length of your absence from Canada determines your eligibility for an exemption and the amount of goods you can bring back, without paying any duty and taxes," according to the Canada Border Services Agency.

If you're spending less than a day in the U.S. to shop, you won't get a personal exemption because it doesn't apply to same-day cross-border shoppers.

For trips 24 hours or longer, you can claim goods worth up to CA$200 when you cross back up north.

However, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are not part of this exemption. 

If the amount of stuff you bought is worth more than CA$200, you'll have to pay up on the entire amount.

For trips that are 48 hours or longer, you can claim up to CA$800 and you can include tobacco products and alcohol.

If you bring back more than CA$800 worth of goods, duty and taxes are applied only to the amount of goods that are over the allowed limit.

If you're going to make a holiday out of Black Friday shopping and stay down south for seven days or more, you can also claim goods worth up to CA$800.

You can also bring back tobacco products and alcoholic beverages with you but they have to be in your possession when you enter Canada. 

Other goods don't have to be in your possession and can follow you by courier or by mail. 

When travelling across the border by car, it's important to plan ahead and give yourself extra time because you never know how long those lines are going to be.

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