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Cannabis Edibles Officially Become Legal In Canada This Week

Exactly a year after cannabis was legalized, edibles will follow suit.
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Cannabis Edibles Officially Become Legal In Canada This Week

Pot lovers rejoice! If edibles are your go-to and your favourite way to consume cannabis we've got good news for you. Canada edibles legalization is finally happening. But you might have to wait a while to actually buy the products.

On October 17, exactly one year after cannabis was legalized, the production and sale of cannabis edibles along with other cannabis products will finally be legal in Canada.

"The amended regulations under the Cannabis Act will support our overarching goal of keeping cannabis out of the hands of youth and protecting Canadians by helping to mitigate the health risks posed by these new cannabis products," said Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Minister of Health, in a news release when the legalization regulations were finalized in June. 

Edibles are just that, edible weed. Specifically, food that is infused with cannabis is considered to be an edible. That can range from popular products like chocolate bars and cookies to gummies to butter. 

Cannabis legalization back in 2018 was celebrated with clouds of smoke across the country and now Canadians can celebrate new products being added to that legalization. 

Even though legalization was done nationally by the federal government, provincial governments still have the ability to further regulate cannabis products.

So, depending on where you live in Canada, you can purchase edibles and other newly legalized cannabis products at licensed cannabis retail stores, Crown companies, and online.

Cannabis edibles won't be available in Quebec even after legalization on October 17 with the exception of some products like edible oils and butter that don't appeal to children like chocolate and gummies do.

When cannabis was legalized back in 2018, the law didn't include edible products and concentrates. It was focused on dried or fresh cannabis and cannabis oils. 

Now, the production and sale of edible cannabis, cannabis extracts, and cannabis topicals will be legal, too. 

But don't expect to find edibles at legal stores on October 17 or even soon after that. Cannabis producers have to notify Health Canada of their plans to sell these new products 60 days in advance. 

New product applications will start being accepted on the day of legalization.

So it could take until December for products to be available in stores for Canadians to purchase legally. 

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    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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