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Doug Ford Is Getting All The Credit For The Liberal's Election Win

The Ontario Premier is getting all the love this morning!
Canada Election Results See Doug Ford Getting Credit For The Liberal Win

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party were officially declared the winners of the 2019 federal election, having beat Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party 157 seats to 121. Despite succeeding with a minority government, Justin Trudeau will officially be Prime Minister for another four years, but the Canada Election results see Doug Ford getting the credit for the Liberal win.

After a long and sometimes nasty election campaign, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have emerged victorious once again, despite just claiming 33.1% per cent of the popular vote. While some Conservative supporters are blaming party leader Andrew Scheer for the Conservative’s loss, some Liberal supporters are specifically taking the time out to thank Ontario’s Premier, Doug Ford.

Since the election campaign began, rumours have swirled that Scheer ordered Ford to stay away from the Conservative campaign, after his controversial cuts to services and education have made him unpopular with many Ontarians.

Now, after the internet has made jokes about him finally “coming out of hiding,” many Liberals on Twitter are thanking the Ontario Premier for the role he allegedly played in securing a Trudeau-Liberal government in the 43rd Canadian federal election.

Several Canadians took to Twitter to make jokes about Doug Ford’s involvement in the federal election, noting that the Prime Minister should be grateful to the Conservative-allaigned premier for supposedly putting voters off the party.

One Canadian Twitter user wrote, “Justin Trudeau and the Liberals preparing a thank you fruit basket for Doug Ford.”

Another shared a similar tweet, joking “I hope Justin Trudeau is writing a nice thank you letter to Doug Ford for this.”

Several Liberal supporters were equally grateful on Twitter, directly and indirectly thanking the Ontario Premier for his accidental services to the federal election.

One Twitter user added, “Before we get too excited about this trend, don't we all owe a big thank you to Doug Ford and his dysfunctional nation? Dougie finally did something for the people!"

Another responded to Ford’s own tweet, thanking the premier by saying, “Thanks for your contribution to helping secure a federal liberal govt. Now if you could go back into hiding until we can vote you out, that would be great."

Earlier this year, a CBC report suggested that Ontario residents were much less likely to vote Conservative, because of Doug Ford’s controversial policies in Ontario. Using a Vote Compass report that surveyed nearly 25,000 Ontarians, CBC concluded that 51 per cent of Ontario residents would be much less likely to support the Conservatives.

When the results came in early on Tuesday morning, it seems that Ontario, in general, did seem to be steering away from Conservative representation. In Toronto, every single riding in the city voted Liberal, leading some people to speculate that Doug Ford did actually have a considerable impact on the region’s votes.

Whether his contributions to this federal election were deliberate or not, one thing is for sure: This is the most support Doug Ford has got from Liberal Canadians on Twitter, like, ever!

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