Some Canadians Are Already Getting Cash Flow From The Emergency Response Benefit

The money is coming in.
Canada Emergency Response Benefit Is Already Providing Cash Flow To People

It's always good to have some money in your pocket. It now seems that the Canada Emergency Response Benefit is giving some people that feeling. After opening to applications on April 6, some Canadians are reporting that they already received their first payment.

The CERB was set up to allow anyone who has been out of work for 14 days to apply for financial assistance from the government. They can then choose a four-week period in which to receive the money.

Some people who had previously registered for Employment Insurance in the wake of being laid off were transferred over to the Emergency Response Benefit instead.

Applicants can receive up to $2000 a month from the benefit to ensure that they are financially stable until they can return to work.

Applications for the CERB can be submitted online through anyone's CRA account. All they have to do is answer three questions on the application form.

According to one person's experience shared by CTV Reporter Annie Bergeron-Oliver, the entire process takes under a minute.

A number of Twitter users wrote about their experiences using the system online, many of them offering positive reviews.

A number of them expressed pleasant surprise at how quickly the money was transferred into their bank accounts after they applied.

"I got my CERB this morning. I applied for e.i on March 22nd and it automatically switched me over to CERB. I am incredibly thankful to be a Canadian Citizen right now! I am always thankful and proud to be Canadian, but in this time, i'm extra thankful. ❤️" wrote haikens1.

"That is some country. In Canada I went on the revenue agency website this morning and in 30 seconds I was done and got a message saying $2000 will be direct deposited into your account within 3 days. #CERB" wrote Carter77.

While people have been receiving their first CERB payments, there did appear to be confusion from some people about receiving both EI and CERB.

Luckily, a few people were able to provide information on the double payments. It mostly appeared that people had applied for both EI and CERB by mistake.

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