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Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Applications Submitted By Four Major Political Parties

Everyone is looking for help these days. That apparently also includes Canada's leaders. Reports are confirming that all four major federal parties have applied to receive the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy.

According to CBC News, spokespeople from each party confirmed that they have applied for federal assistance to continue paying their employees.

The NDP was the first party to apply for the subsidy, which provides 75 percent of employee wages and is retroactive from March 15.

On May 15, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the CEWS would be extended through the summer until August 29.

Following the public announcement by the party that they had requested funding from the subsidy, the Liberals and Conservatives put in their applications on May 22.

Spokespeople for both the Liberal and Conservative parties told CTV News that both organizations met the criteria for the wage subsidy, and that it would be used to cover operational costs and staff salaries.

Liberal spokesperson Braeden Caley said the party is still receiving donations during this time.

The Green Party also put in an application for the CEWS on Friday, but has not yet started receiving funds.

"We have had a drop in donations, and we are a non-profit and take seriously our responsibilities to protect the jobs of our staff members," Prateek Awasthi, executive director of the Green Party of Canada told CBC News.

There's only one party that is holding off on the financial assistance.

The Bloc Quebecois told Radio Canada that they are not planning to apply for the CEWS.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer had previously criticized Justin Trudeau and the Liberals for providing too much assistance to people, highlighting the instances of fraud related to people applying for the CERB.

As of May 18, over 215,000 applications for the wage subsidy have been received and approved, resulting in payments adding up to $5.7 billion.