The Internet Has Decided Which Emoji Should Exist To Represent Canada

The nation has, um, tweeted.
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The Internet Has Decided Which Emoji Should Exist To Represent Canada

The final tally is in! Canadians think the beaver should be the emoji to represent Canada. Let's hope Apple and Co. are watching and taking notes, because we want that beaver emoji and we want it now.

Today, Canadians voted in a Twitter poll hosted by CBC about what emoji should be added to our devices to best represent Canada. If you recall, this whole thing started on World Emoji Day, July 17, when CBC offered up four suggestions for a new Canadian emoji.

The four proposed images were the beaver, maple syrup, a butter tart, or a toque. 

The tweet sparked feedback from Canadian Twitter users who wanted to have their say on the action. The suggestions from Canadians and the ones CBC put forward led CBC to start a poll today in hopes to find the definitive emoji. 

And of course, the beaver won. Unfortunately, though, there appear to be no current plans to actually introduce the emoji at this point.

The options were maple syrup, a flannel shirt, a butter tart, an inukshuk, a Nanaimo bar, a toque, poutine, or the beaver.

The final poll actually had three options to choose from because - in the ultimate Canadian fashion - instead of doing a tie-breaker between maple syrup and an inukshuk, CBC decided to let both compete in the final against the beaver.

It was a tight race, with the beaver only taking home 37 percent of the vote. And while its opponents fought valiantly, we're proud of our national animal for winning the battle.

Some people were having a hard time picking a side.

Some had alternative suggestions, including a different kind of Canadian staple.

And some got creative, which is always great to see. Some got pretty creative indeed.

A common theme seemed to be doubling down on the Canadiana by combining the beaver with other true north activities.

O Canada!

Lisa Belmonte
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