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Canada Goose Is Making Scrubs & Patient Gowns For Healthcare Workers

In these uncertain times, there are people out there doing what they can to help. Canada Goose is the latest company to offer its services to workers on the frontlines. They announced that they will be making and donating medical protective equipment.

In a March 25 press release, the winterwear manufacturer said that it would be dedicating its facilities to the production of scrubs and patient gowns.

Approximately 50 employees will work in facilities to make these items. They will then be distributed to hospitals next week.

The company's goal is to produce 10,000 units of this protective gear. Production will begin in Toronto and Winnipeg but could extend across additional facilities if needed. 

Canada Goose is also working closely with the government in order to follow current health and safety guidelines. These include following social distancing measures and increased sanitizing of workspaces.

"Across Canada, there are people risking their lives every day on the frontlines of COVID-19 in healthcare facilities, and they need help," Canada Goose CEO Dani Reiss said in a statement, "Now is the time to put our manufacturing resources and capabilities to work for the greater good."

"Our employees are ready, willing and able to help, and that's what we're doing. It's the Canadian thing to do."

The company also announced that Reiss would be giving up his salary for at least three months in order to pay for the Canada Goose Employee Support fund.

This will offer financial assistance to workers who do not qualify for EI during store and manufacturing closures.

Canada Goose had also previously made a donation to the Wuhan Charity Federation in February to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak in China.

Prime Minister Trudeau has urged Canadians to follow social distancing measures in order to flatten the curve and avoid putting undue pressure on Canada's healthcare system.