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Canada Goose Just Opened A New Flagship Store In China And People Waited Hours Just To Get In

The Canadian brand clearly still has a strong hold on the Chinese market.
Canada Goose Just Opened A New Flagship Store In China And People Waited Hours Just To Get In

Canada Goose is one of the biggest success stories when it comes to a Canadian brand successfully expanding across the globe. These days, Canada Goose jackets can be spotted anywhere around the world, even in places that don't get nearly as cold as Canada. Though that popularity was at risk in one of the brand's key markets, China. This came as a result of the Huawei confrontation that turned people in China against the Canadian brand in an effort to show their distaste for the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver. 

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Seemingly as a result of the tensions between Canada and China, Canada Goose ended up postponing the opening of their store in early December in Beijing. Though Canada Goose claimed that the delay was "due to construction reasons."

Regardless, the grand opening of the new Canada Goose store in Beijing was a major success. So many shoppers showed up that people ended up having to wait in line for over an hour to even get inside the store. In an effort to keep the line moving, employees went up and down the line asking people which coats they were waiting for and informed them if the coat had already sold out or not.

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The extent of the crowds was even more surprising when many realized that not only had Canada Goose opened the store two weeks later than they planned, but they also didn't promote the opening at all on social media.

As of now, there is still no mention of the new store on the brand's Chinese social media platforms. Though according to customers in line, fans have been waiting for the brand to come to Beijing considering the only store available to them was the Hong Kong location. Meaning they had their eyes peeled for when the doors would finally open.

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Clearly, Canada Goose got out of a potentially slippery situation relatively unscathed. Considering that Chinese customers currently take up over a third of the luxury market, losing their business as a result fo the Huawei situation could have severely hurt the brand.

For now, though, it seems Canada Goose is safe to resume their worldwide takeover, one pricey parka at a time. 

Source: Financial Post