On February 1st, luxury outerwear brand Canada Goose unveiled their latest, one-of-a-kind collection to the world. The line, called Project Atigi, is a social entrepreneurship initiative by Canada Goose to give opportunity back to its birthplace in Canada's north.  The company commissioned 14 Canadian Inuit seamstresses to design and create the parkas from start to finish.

The designers are from four Inuit regions in northern Canada, in Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador. The outerwear line combines the iconic look of the Inuit Amauti parka with luxurious Canada Goose materials. According to CBC, the parkas are limited-edition and will sell for $5000 to $7500 each. 

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Canada Goose won't see a dime of the profits, either. All sale proceeds from the Project Atigi line will go directly to Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK), an advocacy organization for Canada's Inuit.

"Canada Goose was built in the North and we have a responsibility to be a meaningful part of the community that we call home," says Canada Goose President Dani Reiss.

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On Canada Goose's website, Project Atigi is described as a chance to celebrate  "expertise in the North and the rich heritage of craftsmanship that has enabled the Inuit—the original parka makers—to live in the most formidable climates and conditions."

Take a look at some of the coats below:

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The parkas made their worldwide debut in New York City and Paris on January 31st. They'll be displayed in Canada Goose stores around the globe and will be available for purchase online sometime early this month.