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Canada Goose’s Popularity Is Fuelling A Spike In Demand For Coyote Fur

Canada Goose is so popular that it's fuelling a spike in the demand for coyote fur and it's actually becoming a problem.
Canada Goose’s Popularity Is Fuelling A Spike In Demand For Coyote Fur

One of the most iconic winter coats in the world is without a doubt Canada Goose. In fact, the brand is so sought after that Canada Goose's popularity is fuelling a spike in the demand for coyote fur. If you don't already know, coyote fur is used for the rim of the hoods on Canada Goose's famous parkas. 

Now trappers, who source the coyote fur have revealed that the demand for coyote fur is so incredibly high right now that they are actually starting to run out, specifically of western coyote fur. That kind of fur is the most popular and what's often used on the Canada Goose jackets since it's the perfect colour and really soft. However, this demand for that type of fur, not just from Canada Goose but also from other brands who imitate them, is creating a problem. 

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Mark Downey is the CEO of a fur auction house in Ontario. He revealed to Global that the “there’s not enough western coyotes to go around." It doesn't help that there seem to be less western coyotes this year. Some factors for this could be that the winter weather has made it harder for trappers to get them, but the increased demand for Canada Goose style coats isn't helping. 

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The high demand comes at a high cost too, which may explain why Canada Goose charges so much for their jackets (some retail well over $1000). A good western coyote fur can sell for up to $120. 

Despite this high cost, the quality coyote fur continues to sell and that's because of the demand for them. As long as people keep buying Canada Goose, the company will keep buying premium coyote fur. 

There are some people, however, who aren't a fan of the coyote fur industry. One group, in particular, PETA has launched multiple campaigns highlighting how coyotes are killed in order to make Canada Goose jackets. 

They also have called out the brand for using goose and duck feathers as the stuffing of their jackets, claiming as well that this is inhumane to the animals. 

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None the less the popularity of Canada Goose continues to go up. Right now their shares are continuing to hold pretty strong, even though it's coming to the end of the winter coat season. Going up along with it is the demand of coyote fur.