Canada Has Issued A New Travel Advisory For This European Country Over Terrorism Threats

There have been two attempted attacks recently.
Canada Has Issued A New Travel Advisory For This European Country Over Terrorism Threats

If you're planning on backpacking through Europe anytime soon, you'll want to be extra careful in one particular country where the Canadian government has issued a new travel advisory. 

The government is now warning Canadian travels to use a high degree of caution while in the Netherlands due to an increased threat of terrorism in the country, caused by recent attacks there. 

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At the end of September, Dutch police were able to stop a major terrorist attack before it happened, arresting seven suspects who were trying to acquire machine guns, grenades, and other explosives. The group had connections to ISIS. 

This foiled attack plan came only weeks after a radicalized Islamist youth stabbed two Americans at an Amerstamdam train station with what is believed to be terrorist motives. In that case, the suspect was shot by police. 

The two events point to the increased risk that there will be more attacks planned against the Netherlands, especially now that at least one has been unsuccessful, and prove that the country is a target of ISIS. 

The Netherlands currently have their terrorism threat risk level at 4, which is the second highest, meaning there is a substantial risk that a terrorist attack will take place there. Aside from Canada issuing a travel advisory, the US also recently advised people to use extreme caution when travelling in the Netherlands. 

The Canadian government warns anyone travelling to the Netherlands to exercise a high degree of caution and be especially vigilant around tourist attractions, concerts, and sporting events, as these have been terrorist targets in Europe in the past.