These Are The Homes You Can Get For $400,000 In Every Canadian Province

There are some good options.
Canada Houses For Sale That You Can Get For $400,000 Or Less

Buying a home can seem like a very imposing idea. The prices of Canada's houses for sale can often look really high to a first-time buyer. However, there are still some great homes across the country that can actually be bought for less than half a million dollars.

The secret is knowing where to look. Major markets like Vancouver and Toronto, where house prices have skyrocketed in the last few years, don't often have a lot to choose from in terms of less expensive housing.

Other, less popular locales, however, might surprise Canadians who are looking for a home. On the east coast, real estate prices are surprisingly low, even for beautiful houses (that are sometimes right on the water).

Cities like Regina and Winnipeg may experience some pretty harsh winters, but they also have gorgeous houses that won't entirely break your bank (at least if you've been saving up to be a homeowner one day).

Just to give you an idea of what kind of houses you might see in each province for a reasonable price, we took a look at the options out there that can be had for $400,000 or less.

You might be surprised to find out that less than half a million dollars can sometimes land you a great starter home.

32-1940 Hillside Dr., Kamloops, British Columbia

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[image 5e6d2c9bf4426c7f29058531]

Price: $399,900

Listed by: RE/MAX Real Estate (Kamloops)

You have to venture outside of Vancouver to find a place like this, but it's worth it. This half duplex features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen island, and central vac and air.

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17911 60 St. NW., Edmonton, Alberta

[image 5e6d2d01f4426c7f29058533]

[image 5e6d2d043f2f3a7f1e91686e]

[image 5e6d2d073f2f3a7f1e91686f]

Price: $400,000

Listed by: RE/MAX Elite (Central)

This beautiful home has a sweet fireplace setup in the living room, but also boasts four bedrooms and 1800 square feet of living space. It also features a deck in the backyard.

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178 Poplar Bluff Crescent, Regina, Saskatchewan

[image 5e6d2e8df4426c7f2905853d]

[image 5e6d2e91c481287f01938b81]

[image 5e6d2e973f2f3a7f1e916878]

Price: $399,900

Listed By: Century 21 Dome Realty Inc.

This two-storey house provides 1302 square feet of living space, a beautiful open-concept main floor, and four bedrooms. The master bedroom also features an en suite with his-and-hers sinks and a walk-in closet.

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164 Strongberg Dr., Winnipeg, Manitoba

[image 5e6d2f823f2f3a7f1e91687b]

[image 5e6d2f86c481287f01938b88]

[image 5e6d2f8ac481287f01938b89]

Price: $399,900

Listed by: RE/MAX Executives Realty

This lovely home with 1683 square feet of living space provides five bedrooms, a spacious deck, and a finished basement with space for a rec room.

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765 Burgess Ave., Hamilton, Ontario

[image 5e6d2fed6b0c9e7ee174c547]

[image 5e6d2ff0f4426c7f29058549]

[image 5e6d2ff3f4426c7f2905854a]

Price: $399,999

Listed by: RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.

This house is all about the decks. Both the front and back feature them allowing for more time spent outside. The interior features two bedrooms and newer appliances.

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29 Rue Mercier, L'Île-Bizard, Quebec

[image 5e6d30723f2f3a7f1e916881]

[image 5e6d30776b0c9e7ee174c54b]

[image 5e6d307b3f2f3a7f1e916882]

Price: $400,000

Listed by: RE/MAX Invest.

This house was built in 1954 so it has a lot of classic charm. Even still, it offers a stunning waterfront view, as well as a spacious kitchen and living room.

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4 Hibiscus Ct., Rothesay, New Brunswick

[image 5e6d3111f4426c7f29058558]

[image 5e6d3116c481287f01938b98]

[image 5e6d311ac481287f01938b99]

Price: $399,900

Listed by: RE/MAX Professionals Saint John Inc.

Along with 1900 square feet of living space, all three bedrooms in this New Brunswick home have their own ensuite bathrooms. There's also an insulated and heated garage and a multi-level kitchen island.

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181 Rockmanor Dr., Bedford, Nova Scotia

[image 5e6d3179f4426c7f2905855a]

[image 5e6d317cf4426c7f2905855b]

[image 5e6d3180f4426c7f2905855c]

Price: $399,900

Listed by: RE/MAX Nova

This lovely, updated home features an impressive 2958 square feet of living space and a huge backyard. the master bedroom has hardwood floors and an en suite, and there is a finished basement with space for a rec room and office.

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192 Linda Dr., Summerside, Prince Edward Island

[image 5e6d31e73f2f3a7f1e91688e]

[image 5e6d31ec3f2f3a7f1e91688f]

[image 5e6d31f16b0c9e7ee174c55c]

Price: $399,900

Listed by: RE/MAX Harbourside Realty Inc.

This beautiful home with a lovely front porch provides 2042 square feet of living space and a modern kitchen. It has been consistently updated including a new roof and heat pumps.

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12 Yellowknife St., St. John's, Newfoundland

[image 5e6d32453f2f3a7f1e916895]

[image 5e6d3249f4426c7f29058565]

[image 5e6d324ec481287f01938ba2]

Price: $399,900

Listed by: RE/MAX Infinity Realty Inc.

Featuring 3312 square feet of living space, what sets this house apart from others is that it has a fully completed separate apartment space. It's perfect for parents or for rental opportunities. A modern kitchen, fireplace, and three large bedrooms are the main selling points.

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