As it turns out, not every house in Canada is super expensive. However, you get what you pay for. Canada's housing market is one where the middle ground is flanked by extremes. On either side, looking at some of the most expensive and cheapest houses, you'll find listings like these.

If you're in the market for something cheap, as in less than the cost of a decent used car, then the house located in Rural Municipality of Weyburn 67, Saskatchewan might just be up your alley.

For just $9,900, you can own this 840 square foot fixer upper, which definitely needs work on the interior. Still, if there's one thing it has a lot of, it's potential.

If you're in the market for something that probably doesn't need any work at all, the property at 5340 Seaside Place in West Vancouver might be more your speed.

However, keep in mind that it costs over 2300 times more than the Saskatchewan house. At $22,800,000, it's not exactly a steal.

Keep in mind though, that you'd be able to boast about the 6,412 square feet of space, which includes a gorgeous wine cellar, theatre room, and infinity pool if you happened to buy this mansion.

Still, the Saskatchewan property technically could boast all of those things, as long as you're willing to pour more money into renovations than it cost to actually buy the property.

The entire house is unfinished, so really you could do whatever you wanted with it. It was also built in 1911, so there is some historical significance, right?

The view isn't much when compared to the Vancouver house though, which features 89 feet of shoreline and some truly stunning waterfront vistas

It also has a pretty sweet games room complete with a bar, so you'd have no problem throwing some fun parties.

Although, you could also throw a party at the Saskatchewan house. It might just be more of a "let's tear down everything inside this house and start over" kind of party. Maybe you could bring pizza?

Whichever house you prefer probably depends on how much you're willing (or able) to spend.

Rural Address, Weyburn Rm No. 67, Saskatchewan

Price: $9900

Description: Practically the dictionary definition of a fixer-upper, there's probably a lot that a really handy person could do with this property

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5340 Seaside Place, West Vancouver, British Columbia

Price: $22,880,000

Description: Essentially the platonic ideal of modern luxury, this mansion offers a lot for a pretty hefty price tag.

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