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Canada Is Getting A New Ultra Low Cost Airline In 2019 And We Can’t Wait

Cheaper flights coming your way real soon ✈
Canada Is Getting A New Ultra Low Cost Airline In 2019 And We Can’t Wait

Canada is getting a new ultra-low-cost-carrier next year and we can't wait to take to the skies! It's really frustrating to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars on flights within Canada. Especially since in Europe and Asia, flights between cities and neighbouring countries can be extremely cheap compared to here.

An investor group will rebrand, expand, and transform Canadian airline Enerjet, a charter airline company in Alberta. Right now, they mostly take oil sand workers out to their remote job sites. This will provide low-cost flights to millions of Canadians and bring more competition to the market. More competition might mean that costs on flights go down even more!

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Enerjet will be providing both domestic and trans-border flights. It sounds like they'll be similar to Westjet, providing flights across Canada and the United States. Actually, the CEO of the new Enerjet company used to be a directer and COO at WestJet! This new ultra-low-cost-carrier has the money and the expertise to come to market as soon as the end of 2019.

One of the main investors in this venture is Indigo. They're a huge supporter of ultra-low-cost-carriers like Spirit Airlines. You might know about Spirit Airlines because of all the jokes Seth Meyers makes at their expense!

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That's because these ultra-low-cost-carriers keep their costs down by not being the fanciest or most comfortable. I'd gladly sit in a seat with a few inches less legroom if it means I can save a couple of hundred dollars! Also, I can do without the service carts serving mediocre coffee and boring snacks during the flights.

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Another way that these low-cost-carriers are amazing is that they are environmentally friendly. If you think of the massive amounts of fuel and emissions involved in air travel, then it's more environmentally friendly to pack a plane with as many passengers as possible! You can see the world while saving the world.

Enerjet entering the market means that when it comes time to book your vacation or your flight home for the holidays, you'll have more choices and, hopefully, you'll get to save some money, too!