If you’re a true fan of winter, there’s only one place you need to visit: Valcartier Vacation Village in Quebec, Canada.

Since 1963, the resort has remained the largest winter playground in North America and continues to be a top destination for vacationers during the winter. It’s located just 20 minutes from Quebec City and features all sorts of exciting year-round attractions and entertainment.

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Valcartier Vacation Village has everything you need for an epic winter adventure. It features more than 35 snow slides, forest skating paths, snow rafting, giant 80 km/h tubing hills with mechanical lifts, a hot springs spa, an indoor waterpark and even a hotel completely made out of ice.

Just recently, the resort was enhanced with a newly constructed 4-star hotel consisting of 153 suites - the first of it’s kind in Quebec. The $65 million facility was part of a major tourism initiative to make Valcartier Vacation Village the best of its kind, and it does not disappoint - luxury rooms, dining and service are provided to all the guests who choose to stay there.

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This year, Valcartier Vacation Village is open until March 25, 2018 and offers day passes for $35 a person. Skating services, such as rentals and sharpening, are an additional $5 each. Visitors can also choose to come at night for a reduced price of $26 per person.

Those looking to see Hotel de Glace, which is the ice hotel, can add a visit to their tickets for an additional $15. Visitors will take a shuttle from the park, which costs around $30 for a two-way trip.

Other special deals and packages are also available. Please see Valcartier.com for more details on such.

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