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Canada Is In For A Long, Hot Summer This Year

It's going to be a scorcher.
Canada Is In For A Long, Hot Summer This Year

Environment Canada predicts that Canada will  have a scorcher of a summer this year, with weather models showing hotter-than-normal temperatures across the nation.

Dave Phillips, the senior climatologist for the agency, says that almost every province and territory is going to be blessed with hot, sunny weather in these next few months.

"From coast to coast to almost coast. The only area showing cooler than normal would be, say, northern Quebec and into Nunavut," Phillips said to CTV News.

He explains that the upcoming warmth will likely be caused by warm air coming in from the south; from the U.S. Meteorologists there are predicting that several states will see higher temperatures this summer compared to last.

It should be noted, however, that with increased heat and humidity comes a higher chance of rain and thunderstorms. Though, after a long winter and historically cold April, Phillips thinks Canadians won't mind a few wet days here and there.

As with all forecasts, they can either be a hit or a miss. Only time can tell if Environment Canada's predictions will hold true.

Summer officially begins on June 21.

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