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Canada Is One Of The Top Millennial Picks For Young People To Live & Work In

The country ranks highly across the board.
Canada Is One Of The Top Millennial Picks For Young People To Live & Work In

If you're a young person living in Canada, a new index says you should consider yourself lucky. Canada has a lot to offer and the Working Millennial Index proves that it's great for young people to work and live in. Canada is one of the best countries for young people right now. The index puts Canada in the top five of countries that are good for young workers. 

According to the index, in 2016 millennials became the group that makes up the largest portion of the labour force in the U.S. and soon Gen Z is poised to follow suit. Because of this, The Working Millennial Index looks to answer the question of where young people should be heading for the best career opportunities.

Canada currently holds the fourth spot on the index and ranks highly across all of the categories Silver Swan Recruitment looked at to create the index. 

"There are a number of different reasons why people leave their home country to go and work elsewhere, whether that’s for better opportunities, better weather or just a change of pace in their daily 9 to 5," the index stated. 

To get the results and figure out which countries are the best for young workers, Silver Swan Recruitment looked at unemployment rates, average salary, start-up successes, rent costs, entertainment and millennials pick. 

Each country was scored out of five for each of the six categories. Those values were then totalled and countries were ranked based on that total. The highest possible score a country could get is 30 and while no country actually got a perfect score, Canada got pretty close. 

Canada is ranked fourth with a score of 26 out of 30. But the second and third ranked countries actually have the exact same score that Canada does overall and in all of the six categories. 

So even though the country is ranked fourth, we're basically on par with the second ranking country, New Zealand. 

In four of the six categoires Canada gets a perfect score. The country has a perfect score of five in unemployment rates, average salary, start-up successes and millennials pick. 

Despite four perfect scores, according to the index, we're not so great when it comes to rent costs and entertainment. In both of those categories, Canada only scored a three. 

The only countires above us are Australia, New Zealand and Germany. 

Germany is the best country in the world for young workers with a total score of 27. The country outscores Canada only in rent costs and entertainment. Canada even outscores Germany in millennial picks. 

A difference of only one point between Canada and the top country isn't too shabby and shows that the country can be a great place for young people to work and live in. 

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