Canada Launches A New System To Help Refugees Move Into The Country Faster

Canadian government launches new refugee processing system to help them move into the country quicker.
Canada Launches A New System To Help Refugees Move Into The Country Faster

The Canadian government just made it a lot easier for refugees to move to the great white north. Canada has just launched a new system to help refugees move into the country faster. Currently, there are over 64,000 refugees in Canada waiting for their cases to be heard by the government and now with this new system, they could be settled into the country faster, according to Global News

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Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) has released a new document on their website, Global News reports. It revealed that the government is changing up the way they accept and process refugees into the country, and their new system will allow some refugee applications to be fast-tracked, meaning they can settle into their new Canadian home faster than before. 

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"The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) is committed to deciding claims for refugee protection both fairly and efficiently," read the announcement from the IRB on their website. The new system is already starting this week, according to Global News.

This news comes after Justin Trudeau's government announced earlier this week that they would be spending $114.7 million dollars on providing housing for refugees this year. 

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Earlier this month, it was also revealed by a University of Calgary report that in 2018, Canada had accepted the most planned refugees out of all the countries around the world, overtaking countries such as the U.S and Australia. This was the first time in 72 years that this had happened. 

Canada's IRS says that this new system will be beneficial to both the government and refugees. "This strategic case management approach allows the IRB to use its resources as effectively as possible while maintaining high‑quality administrative justice," reads the announcement. "Refugee protection claimants also benefit from a more efficient resolution of their case". 

Not all refugees will be eligible for the new system, but there are many different types of asylum seekers that will be able to get fast-tracked in Canada. According to Global News, some examples of eligible refugees include women from Saudi Arabia who are in danger because of their gender, people in danger due to their age or gender from Iran, extortion and kidnapping cases from Libya and more. 

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, in 2019 there are currently 1.4 million people globally in need of refugee resettlement. Canada is expected to be the global leader for refugee resettlement efforts in the upcoming years, says the Global Refugee Resettlement and Canada report by the University of Calgary. 

To find out more about the government's new system for processing refugees, you can visit the IRB's website

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