Canadians Have To Wear Masks When Flying & Should Wear Them On Trains Or Boats Too

The new rule comes into effect April 20.
Canada: Masks Mandatory On All Flights & Highly Recommended For Boat Or Train Travel

It's hard to think about travelling anywhere right now. However, some people still need to get where they're going. When it comes to flying, Canada says masks are mandatory on planes now, and it highly suggests wearing them on trains and boats too.

In an April 17 press release, Transport Canada announced that all Canadians travelling on planes would be required to wear masks covering their mouth and nose.

They are also required to wear masks when entering an airport screening area and in situations where they cannot maintain two metres of distance from other people. The new measures come into effect as of April 20.

Air Canada also announced in an April 17 press release that they would be enforcing these rules on all of their flights. customers will also have to wear masks when they check-in and board the planes.

The airline had already previously taken measures to ensure as much space between passengers as possible on all of its flights.

It had also previously recommended that flyers wear masks when travelling but now that's a requirement.

While wearing a mask is not mandatory for travel by train or boat, Transport Canada highly recommends wearing one anyway. They may be asked to do so by transportation staff.

"Canadians should continue to follow public health advice and stay at home if possible," Minister of Transport Marc Garneau said in a statement.

"However, if you need to travel, wearing a face covering is an additional measure you can take to protect others around you, especially in situations where physical distancing guidelines cannot be maintained."

Transport Canada notes that wearing any sort of face covering other than a medical mask can help to reduce contamination from respiratory droplets.

Or in other words, it could prevent you from speaking moistly

Mirroring statements from Dr. Theresea Tam, the ministry also says that social distancing and frequent hand washing are still the most effective methods of stopping the spread of the virus.