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BC Gets 25°C Heat Next Week While Ontario Shivers In 0°C Wind Chills

British Columbia has won the "weather lottery" for the month of May.

As the first weekend of May approaches, Ontario residents are continuing to ask "Where the heck is our spring weather?"  In British Columbia, apparently. Weather Network meteorologists claim that Canada's westernmost province has won the "weather lottery" for the month of May, as temperatures rise to 25°C in some areas of BC next week. With the exception of BC, the Canada May 2019 forecast looks pretty disappointing.

Meteorologist Tyler Hamilton predicts that inland regions of British Columbia, as well as regions further away from the chillier waters of the Strait of Georgia, could be in for gorgeous temperatures of up to 25°C between May 5th to May 10th. 

Meanwhile, Ontario residents are experiencing huge variances in temperature, depending on where throughout the province you reside.  A nearly 13°C difference exists between temperatures in the hottest and coldest locations in Ontario, The Weather Network reports. The temperature measured at Rawson Lake, Ontario (just northeast of Sudbury) read 10°C, while the temperature at Peawanuck Airport in Ontario's Kenora District measured -2.9°C.

The erratic temperature swings throughout the province continue next week, with Thursday being the coldest day of the week.  In Toronto, rain will accompany the day's frigid temperatures hovering around 6°C, but feeling like 1°C. Take a look at Toronto's current 7-day forecast:

But there is some good news for Ontarians.  Most of the province can finally look forward to some beautiful, spring-like weather this weekend.

Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham explains, "A well-timed break in our unsettled pattern will bring us dry weather for the weekend."  He also commented that temperatures in the Greater Toronto Area will increase to near seasonal temperatures in the mid-teens by Saturday afternoon.

"Sunday will be a gorgeous spring day with sunshine, warmer weather and daytime highs in the mid to upper teens and even a few spots reaching the 20°C mark," reported Gillham.

Enjoy the heat and sunshine while you can, Ontario!