Morning Brief: Clocks Springing Forward, Chris Rock Slaps Back & More

9 things you need to know for Wednesday, March 8.

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​A sunrise over Montreal's skyline in spring. Right: Stand-up comic Chris Rock.

A sunrise over Montreal's skyline in spring. Right: Stand-up comic Chris Rock.


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Off The Top: March 8 marks International Women's Day. The annual global holiday grew out of the suffrage and labour movements of the early 20th century. The United Nations officially embraced IWD as an official holiday in 1977. The day continues to be commemorated every March 8, often with a yearly theme such as women's reproductive rights, violence against women and income equality.

For 2023, the United Nations' theme for IWD is "DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality," which "celebrates the women and girls who are championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital education," according to the organization.

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When Do The Clocks Go Forward?

A sunrise over Montreal's skyline in spring.

A sunrise over Montreal's skyline in spring.

Songquan Deng | Dreamstime

Well, folks, we're almost at the finish line. This weekend, when the clock hits 2 a.m. early on Sunday, March 12, the clocks will all spring forwardto 3 a.m., marking the beginning of daylight saving time (DST) for all jurisdictions that observe the time-shift phenomenon.

The proponents against the twice-a-year time changes have grown louder in recent years — and with good reason. According to MTL Blog's Willa Holt, the disorientation of the switch between DST and standard time (and vice versa) brings some negative, temporary side effects. Here's what you can expect to experience this year.

  • My Take: I'm ostensibly a morning guy and even I think life would be better with brighter evenings year-round. Let's go full-time DST.

Which Restaurant Has The Best Fries In Canada?

Tristan Wheeler holding all of the French fries. Right: Four bags of fries.

Tristan Wheeler holding all of the French fries. Right: Four bags of fries.

Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

Always a glutton for punishment, our Tristan Wheeler put his gastrointestinal system to the test with yet another fast food battle royale. This time, our intrepid snackaholic put some of Canada's best french fries under the microscope to figure out which chain reigns supreme — McDonald's, A&W, Wendy's or Popeyes. Using the most rigorous scientific approach imaginable (no ketchup), Tristan examines the pros of each offering, from the saltiness to the price points.

What Did Chris Rock Say About Will Smith?

Chris Rock. Right: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Chris Rock. Right: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

@chrisrock | Instagram, Starstock | Dreamstime

The best thing that could've happened to Chris Rock's comedy career was getting open-hand-walloped on live television a little under a year ago. Fast forward and the 58-year-old just authored a milestone event with his Selective Outrage special, the first live broadcast in Netflix's history. When was the last time there was this much buzz around Rock?

Anyway, all of this — including maybe the first 45 minutes of Rock's set — was just prologue to the main event: Rock finally addressing being slapped by fellow actor Will Smith at last year's Academy Awards. Here's Brooke Houghton with the full roundup of what was said.

What Else You Need To Know Today

I think it's going to be a long, long time before Elton John ventures back to his favourite burger spot in Toronto. After our Mira Nabulsi went down to the Senator near Yonge-Dundas Square to review it for herself, the Rocket Man himself might struggle to get a seat. Here's the reason behind Mira's rave review.

The winter thaw will soon be upon us; you might want to start breaking in those new hiking boots. From Vancouver proper, it's only a short drive over to North Vancouver where you'll find the Lynn Canyon with its pleasant 4.7-kilometre hiking loop. Check out scenic trails, a free suspension bridge and a stunning 30-foot natural pool. Here's Sierra Riley's full breakdown of the loop.

For $830K, you could buy a 600-square-foot shoebox made of glass and cement, suspended high above the downtown Toronto streetscape. Or you could put in an offer on this incredible 3,895-square-foot Cape Breton home. Bonus: Instead of looking our your window and seeing directly inside your neighbour's condo, Lisa Belmonte notes that this property looks out onto a literal ocean. Come take the tour with us.

When it comes to careers, there is nothing more spiritually rewarding than being a newsletter writer. However, if it's compensation one seeks, they evidently should consider a career in software engineering. MTL Blog's Willa Holt rounded up some of the top job listings in Montreal and despite all the tumult in the tech industry, it looks like all things comp-sci remain in high demand.

Dawson's Creek's James Van Der Beek turns 46 years old today. Retired Pittsburgh Steelers pass-catcher Hines Ward is 47, as is live-action Scooby-Doo star Freddie Prinze Jr. American basketball commentator Kenny "The Jet" Smith is 58. NBC news man Lester Holt turns 64. Car-loving new wave artist Gary Numan is 65. Surviving Monkees member Micky Dolenz is 78.

The late Charlotte Whitton — who in 1951 was elected mayor of Ottawa, becoming the first woman mayor of a major city in Canada — was born on this day in 1896.

Thanks for reading Narcity's Canada Morning Brief — and thank you to all the women of Narcity, without whom the Morning Brief would not exist.

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