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Canada Post Just Announced That Deliveries Will Continue But Delayed "During Peak Holiday Season And Into January 2019"

Canada Post has released an official announcement about delivery delays on November 27th.
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The rotating strike at Canada Post that's been occurring the past few weeks has impacted the entire country and the holiday season. The strike has caused serious delays in deliveries across Canada and has even resulted in the federal government getting involved and voting to end the strike. Some businesses in other countries even outright stopped shipping to Canada

Now that the rotating strike has officially ended because the federal government legislated the employees to go back to work, Canada Post has released an official announcement today on their website addressing the lengthy delivery delays. 

People Are Physically Blocking Canada Post Trucks So They Can’t Deliver Mail

Canada Post announced in their statement that delivery delays will continue even though the rotating strike has now ended. For parcels, "deliveries will continue but be delayed during the peak holiday season and into January 2019," wrote Canada Post. 

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If you are looking to receive a delivery from overseas, it may take several months before it reaches your doorsteps! "Delays are likely to stretch into March of 2019," wrote Canada Post. "International items will require screening by the Canada Border Services Agency. We are working in partnership with them to manage the significant existing backlog".  

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This means that if you ordered swimsuits from Zaful for your Christmas vacation or you're expecting a gift via parcel from your family in the United States, you may not receive it until March 2019!

Good news for lettermail though – there are currently no delays for letter mail. "The backlog should be cleared and deliveries current before December 25," wrote Canada Post. 

Canada Post also said that they are "working to stabilize operations after the end of the rotating strikes" and that they are "currently facing unprecedented backlogs". 

So if you're waiting for a parcel to be delivered via Canada Post, whether domestically or internationally, it could take a while before it makes it to your doorstep.