Canada Post Workers Are Prepared To Strike On Monday And Now People Are Freaking Out About Not Getting Their Weed

At this rate, it could take weeks for weed orders to arrive.
Canada Post Workers Are Prepared To Strike On Monday And Now People Are Freaking Out About Not Getting Their Weed

The long-awaited day has finally arrived - weed is officially legal in Canada. But, if you're buying online, like everyone in Ontario has to do, you could be waiting even longer for your weed to be delivered. 

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Canada Post will be in charge of delivering all the online orders for legal marijuana in Canada, with estimated shipping times anywhere between 1-3 days. But, that all goes out the window if Canada Post goes on strike next week. 

The union representing Canada Post workers announced last night that they are in a position to begin rotating strikes this upcoming Monday if they can't settle their contract negotiations. 

Now, Canadians are realizing that if Canada Post is on strike this will have a major effect on their weed deliveries. This is especially a problem in Ontario, where the only option for buying weed legally is online, and it's shipped through Canada Post. 

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Concerned Canadians are taking to Twitter to voice their opinions about the impending strike and lack of weed deliveries that will inevitably follow. 

While some are actually impressed by the seemingly strategic timing of Canada Post's possible strike, others are acknowledging the reality that they possibly won't get their deliveries any time soon. 

I hope Canada Post doesn't strike. I WANT MY LEGAL WEED TO ARRIVE! #420blazeit

17 October 2018

When you learn that Canada Post’s strike might effect your weed delivery

16 October 2018

So it's 'weed day' in Canada... available only online in Ontario and Canada Post is going on strike.Well played union.. Well played

17 October 2018

The rotating strikes will begin Monday if Canada Post doesn't make a deal before that, but they haven't yet announced where they will start happening. 

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As for weed deliveries, in the event of a strike, provincial governments will have to make a decision as to whether or not legal cannabis could be delivered by third-party companies like Purolator. 

Source: CP24

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