Happy International Women's Day! Here's to all the incredible, strong women out there. We're proud to call so many inspiring female role models our fellow Canadians. Just in time for International Women's Day, Canada has been ranked as one of the best countries in the world for the quality of life of women in 2019.

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Nestpick, a website that helps people find places to live around the world, has released their "Women's Liveability Index 2019". In the rankings, Canada was named as the third best country in the whole world for quality of life and living standards for women.

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Canada ranked above the US as first in North America. Globally, it came in behind Norway, which took the top spot on the list, and Sweden, which came in second. Canada was also the only non-European country to make the top ten ranking.

The United States came in much lower on the list and ranked #32. According to the list from Nestpick, the countries with the worst quality of life for women were Moldova, Macedonia, and Armenia.

So what prompted Nestpick to do a study into which countries are the best for women? "At Nestpick, we’ve seen first-hand the steady increase of women moving abroad for work, life and education opportunities," wrote the company in the rankings.

"Given the ongoing struggle worldwide for gender equality, we thought it would be interesting to use data and statistics to understand which countries offer the best living conditions for women".

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The company analyzed 100 countries around the world in order to get their results. They looked at four main categories that affect women to determine the rankings: infrastructure, inequality, legislation, and work. Within each overarching category, Nestpick examined factors like health, safety, the gender wage gap, and education.

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Canada ranked especially high in the category of infrastructure, earning high points in all subcategories of safety, education, and health. Canada also had similar scores with the other top-ranked countries for the percentage of women working in government, the number of female entrepreneurs and the percentage of female athletes in the Olympics. Canada also has one of the lower scores among the top-ranked countries for the subcategory of the gender wage gap.

To see the full Women's Liveability Index 2019 ranking from Nestpick, you can visit their website.