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Canada Ranked As One Of The Top Countries For Racial Discrimination In The Hiring Process

Many Canadians didn't receive call backs due to their race.
Ontario Editor
Canada Ranked As One Of The Top Countries For Racial Discrimination In The Hiring Process

While Canada is one of the most multicultural countries around the world, a new study shows that Canada isn't as accepting as we often appear to be. In fact, Canada has just ranked as one of the most racial discriminating countries around the globe when it comes to the hiring process. So, when applying for a job, it appears that a lot more factors occur than just your qualifications. 

A study was done by the Northwestern University that looked at nine different countries and took data from 97 previously conducted experiments that have looked at the hiring process throughout these countries. A variety of resumes with the same qualifications and different names were sent to a variety of employers during this study. Using this method, they were able to detect exactly how discriminatory countries were when it came to their hiring process. 

According to this study, Canada was ranked as the fourth top countries to show a level of discrimination during the hiring process. France, Sweden, and Great Britain all ranked in first, second and third, respectively. 

While one-fifth of the Canadian workplace is composed of racial minorities, about 69 percent of those interviewed claimed that they have considered leaving their jobs due to an increase of stress in which they believe is related to their race. 

This study also shows that non-white applicants throughout Canada are less likely to get callbacks, despite their qualifications. 

While many of the resumes that were sent in with 'white names' received callbacks, the resumes that were sent in with the same qualifications but a 'non-white name' often did not receive the same attention. 

However, Sheila Block, a senior economist at the Canada Centre for Policy Alternatives told Globalthat the bias that is placed in the workplace is often unconscious and many employers are unaware that they are making these choices. 

Block says in order to fix this unconscious racism, companies should look at their employment systems and reflect if their workforce is showing the diversity that is present in the community around them. 

Surprisingly, Canada was ranked as more discriminatory than the United States when it comes to the hiring process. In fact, the United States was ranked as one of the best countries when it came to being non-discriminatory in the workplace. 

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