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Canada Scam Call Centre In India Raided By Police Resulting In 32 Arrests

Anyone who has had to deal with a scam phone call knows just how annoying it can be. Recently, Canada's scam call problem was getting worse and worse, with scammers able to disguise their numbers as ones from legitimate agencies like Revenue Canada. Recently, however, police arrested 32 people running a scam call centre targeting Canadian citizens in Delhi, India.

In a press release, the Delhi Police claim that along with the arrests of 32 "white collar criminals" aged between 18 and 38, they also seized "55 computers, 3 [internet distribution switches], 3 patch port[s], 2 internet router[s], 35 mobile phones, cheating script pages," and "illegal [software]."

When the police arrived on November 17, several scam calls were actually in progress, and Canadian phone numbers were displayed on several computer screens.

When police questioned the three supervisors who were present at the scene, they could not explain what they were doing. Eventually, they admitted that they were calling Canadian citizens and posing as police.

The owners of the call centre were not present during the arrests, and are still being sought by police.

The scam being run by those arrested might sound pretty familiar to some Canadians. First, a robocall would indicate that the victim's SIN had been compromised.

When the victim called back, the scammers would say that they could settle the situation with a one-time payment. They would request that payments be made using Bitcoin. Sometimes they would even request gift cards.

According to the Delhi Police release, at least one Canadian was scammed out of $13,500.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre issued its own warning about these types of calls and offered steps to ensure that you are not scammed.

According to the release, the scammers were using technology to make it appear as though the phone numbers they called from were based in Canada.

Scam calls appear to be happening more frequently in Canada, but the government, as well as some Canadian telecoms, are trying to take more action to prevent them.

One scammer recently ended up speaking directly with an actual police officer in Victoria, British Columbia.

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