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Canada Scam Call Hits A Dead End When The Person On The Other End Is A Cop (VIDEO)

Getting a scam call can be incredibly annoying. Most of the time, people will just hang up when they realize the person on the other end of the line isn't legitimate. Other times, though, people lean into it, deciding they want to talk to the scammer for a little bit. Canada's scam call problems got so bad that scammers ended up talking to a B.C. cop in Victoria.

On November 15, the Victoria Police Service tweeted a video of Constable Matt Rutherford dealing with just such a scammer who happened to call him.

"Watch as a #CRAScammer calls Cst. Rutherford... on his phone," the tweet reads. "Note that Cst. Rutherford doesn’t give his name, but politely asks questions to clearly determine it’s a fraud. Frustrated, the scammer hangs up. #yyj #fraud."

In the short video clip, Rutherford has his phone on speaker and is speaking very clearly and calmly to the scammer.

The video begins with someone picking up the call, suggesting that Rutherford may have been transferred to someone else. They claim to be with Service Canada.

"Hello, just wondering what's happening," Rutherford replies. The person on the other end of the line then asks for Rutherford's name.

"You already have my name," Rutherford calmly replies. The person on the other end of the line appears to say that they need his name again for confirmation.

Rutherford then asks, "And sorry, who are you with?" The video ends shortly after, with the scammer apparently hanging up.

Scam calls have been getting worse in Canada, with scammers now able to disguise their numbers as ones from official Canadian agencies such as Revenue Canada and even the RCMP.

Luckily, actions are being taken to make sure that these calls happen less and less. Canadian telecoms have already been working on ways to keep scammers from reaching people.

Even Shoppers Drug Mart customers have had to deal with scam calls looking to collect private information.

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