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Canada Summer Forecast Calling For Warm & Sunny Weather At Last

Here comes the sun! While staying inside as much as possible can be a drag, this spring weather has proven to be too erratic to really draw people out. It's been a chilly season, but Canada's summer forecast is calling for sun, warmth, and high temperatures. Even May will be better than what we have now.

According to Environment Canada's seasonal forecast, the coming months will bring warmer-than-normal temperatures. These will extend into the summer season in many parts of the country.

The Prairie provinces will experience the smallest increase above normal summer temperatures, while places like British Columbia and southern Ontario will be getting more heat.

Canadians will even start to see nicer weather next month. The Weather Network's monthly predictions for Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton show average temperatures in the double digits every day. 

Even the Farmer's Almanac describes Ontario's weather heading into May as both "fair" and "pleasant," with some storms and gusty winds later in the month. 

The Prairies will also get a milder start to May, as will Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

"Everywhere you can see, we think that summer looks summer-like in Canada," Dave Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada told CTV News, "Good beer-drinking weather, good muscle shirt, tank top kind of weather."

This news should come as a relief to Canadians who have still been seeing snow in their regions.

One Twitter user voiced their discontent with an all-too-relatable comment, "Seasons don’t exist in Canada."

Today, even the Prime Minister mentioned his distaste for the April snowfall.

"It's been snowing in some places this week including here in Ottawa because that's just what 2020 brings."

At the very least, we can take some comfort in knowing nicer weather is around the corner. Hang in there, Canada.

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