The Dominican Republic is a popular travel destination for Canadians every single year. While many Canadians enjoy their trips and often revisit this popular destination, the federal government is asking Canadians to be extremely cautious while making your next trip. The Government of Canada's travel advisory for the Dominican Republic warns to exercise a high degree of caution due to an increase in crime and political demonstrations. 

The Canadian government is currently warning travellers to be cautious while travelling to the Dominican Republic for the month of July due to political protests that are likely to occur. According to the advisory, areas surrounding government buildings in Santo Domingo are most likely to be at risk. 

While these demonstrations are not targeted at foreigners and are not expected to take place near all-inclusive resorts, the advisory warns that travel outside of the resort could be affected. 

Labour strikes are also occurring throughout the Dominican Republic and the travel advisory warns that the town of Higuey near Punta Cana may strike, which could affect hotel services. 

While many protests are peaceful, they could potentially turn violent and also lead to traffic disruption, which could be noticed when travelling to and from the airport. The Canadian government warns travellers to avoid areas in which these demonstrations are taking place and to follow the instructions of local authorities. 

While these protests are the newest concern for the Canadian government, they are still warning travellers about other crime that they should be aware of before entering the Dominican Republic. 

The government advisory warns that crime can occur and tends to rise around holiday seasons. Thefts can occur everywhere throughout the Dominican including at resorts, beaches, and airports. The government warns not to pack valuables in your luggage and to keep valuables secure and out of sight. 

The Canadian government also warns to exercise a high degree of caution while using ATMs or your debit card in the area. Fraud and cloning are significant concerns while travelling in this area and you should always use ATMs in banks and pay attention when your card is being handled by others. 

Lastly, the advisory also warns that women who are travelling alone may be more likely to encounter harassment and abuse. Incidents of assault and rape have been reported in the Dominican Republic and some cases have occurred at resorts. All women should exercise caution and avoid walking or taking public transportation alone. 

However, the government of Canada is not advising Canadians to stop travelling to this destination. It is still considered safe enough to travel to the Dominican Republic, as long as you exercise caution while you are there.