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Canada-US Border In Ontario Will See An Increase In RCMP Patrols

Even though parts of both countries have started to reopen, travel between the two is still restricted. The Canada-U.S. border in Ontario is going to have more patrols by Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers now. That includes ones on land and ones on the water.

RCMP detachments in Ontario have issued a public notice about their patrol operations along Canada's border with the U.S. in the province.

Since there is still a temporary closure of the border to non-essential travel between the two countries because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the RCMP is increasing land and water patrols.

That's in an effort to ensure that the dividing line between Canada and the U.S. is secure at all times.

It's also to deter any smuggling activity that might be attempted.

Officers are working to identify and stop illegal things, like drugs, guns and other commodities, from moving across the border.

With marine patrols, it's also to help ensure that boaters are staying where they should be and complying with the border restrictions that are in place.

This doesn't just relate to official ports of entry in Ontario like at the Windsor-Detroit border.

The RCMP is continuing to make sure that parts of the border between those entryways are safe.

Before the border closure agreement was set to expire, Ontario Premier Doug Ford made his position on the issue clear.

"I was adamant on the call yesterday with the premiers and the Prime Minister, I do not want those borders open," Ford said. 

He also mentioned that Quebec and B.C. felt that same as him when it comes to restricting movement between the neighbouring countries.

On May 19, Justin Trudeau announced that Canada and the U.S. had agreed to extend the border closure until at least June 21.

That would be three months with travel restrictions.

Trudeau and Donald Trump came to an agreement to close the border to non-essential travel for 30 days back in March.

That was extended in April and then a second time in May.