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Canada-US Border Is Reportedly Going To Be Closed For Another Month

The PM said talks between the two countries are ongoing and going well.

Your road trip will have to wait! Only essential travel is allowed between the two countries and it could stay that way for a while. The Canada-U.S. border is reportedly going to stay closed for another month. The current agreement on the closure is set to expire on May 21.

On May 13, the Globe and Mail reported that travel across the border between the two countries is expected to continue to be restricted to only essential travel.

According to sources with knowledge of the talks, Canada has asked for a 30-day extension to the closure agreement and the U.S. will most likely agree.

That would keep the border closed until June 21, a month after the deal was set to expire.

During a press conference on May 13, Justin Trudeau addressed the ongoing situation related to travel between the two countries.

"I think every country recognizes that as we control our domestic situation, we are vulnerable to international travellers," he said.

Trudeau also mentioned that different countries are facing different challenges related to the virus.

"As we manage the spread of COVID-19, we would want to make sure that we're not becoming vulnerable from travellers arriving [from] elsewhere," he said.

That's why strong moves were made to close the country's borders to visitors, including ones with the U.S.

While the Prime Minister wouldn't confirm or deny if the border will remain closed well into June, he assured Canadians of one thing.

"I can say that things are going well and we're confident about being able to continue to keep Canadians safe," he noted.

Trudeau mentioned that talks with the U.S. administration are ongoing, constructive and productive.

He also said he's spoken with President Donald Trump many times over the past weeks.

A day before the Globe and Mail reported that the border would stay closed, Dr. Theresa Tam commented on the situation.

"The United States being one country that still has cases and is still trying to manage outbreaks, they present a risk to Canada from that perspective," she said during a press conference.

Both countries initially agreed to restrict travel for 30 days back in March.

That was later extended for another month in April until May 21.

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