The situation all over the world is, to be blunt, not great. Canada and the USA usually do their best to get along, but tensions have been high. Now, Americans are writing notes to Canada on Twitter to keep the friendship alive.

The trend of Americans writing "Dear Canada" notes seemed to begin with an April 3 tweet from user @Trump_Detester.

In it, they wrote, "Dear America, Your president is a f*cking raving lunatic. Love, Canada."

The message itself has been retweeted 2.6 thousand times, and it has also garnered 14,000 likes.

The tweet comes right on the heels of new tension between Canada and the United States. President Trump had told personal protective equipment manufacturer 3M not to send any more masks across the border on April 3.

In response, during his daily briefing, Prime Minister Trudeau responded saying "It would be a mistake to create blockages or reduce the amount of back and forth trade of essential goods and services, including medical goods, across our border."

"That's the point we're making very clearly to the American administration right now."

Since it was posted, the tweet has racked up 1,500 replies, many of them directly responding to the message with agreement or humour.

"Dear Canada, Yeah, we know. Please send help. And toilet paper. Love, (The Majority of) America," wrote @chillaf75.

"Dear Canada, We know. We're sorry. We're doing all we can to get rid of him. We're just as horrified as you are. Love, Most Americans," replied @windthin.

Eventually, the trend grew beyond responses to the original tweet, and Americans began writing their own "Dear Canada" notes, pushing "Canada" to trend on Twitter with 347,000 tweets.

"Dear Canada, Please don't behave the same with us the way we behave with our refugees love Americans," wrote @AyesheI.

"Dear Canada, We'll soon be more sparsely populated than you are. Love, Your formerly lively southern neighbors." wrote @crux_vela.

If anything, the number of replies shows that the relationship between America and Canada remains amicable, at least on a personal level.