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11 Photos & Videos That Prove Canadians Are Totally Fearless In -40 C Conditions

It's time to get creative with this cold!
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11 Photos & Videos That Prove Canadians Are Totally Fearless In -40 C Conditions

Canadians are no stranger to the frigid weather. Over the years we have explored many different methods of coping with the winter's freezing temperatures. For most people around the world, venturing out in Canada's minus 40-degree weather would be unthinkable, but for fearless Canucks, it’s a test of who can have the most fun!

For residents of Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the territories, it's been a bone-chillingly cold start to the week.

Since Monday evening, temperatures in these regions have dipped well below -30 degrees, with the wind chill making it feel much closer to -40 and even -50.

Rather than force people indoors, this week’s freezing conditions have inspired a number of residents to find imaginative ways to make the best out of being the coldest place on Earth.

We aren't just talking about outdoor sports and winter sunbathing — some pretty incredible science experiments have been taking place around the country.

With everything from freeze-frying an egg to playing frisbee with frozen clothes, here’s how fearless Canadians across the country are getting creative this winter.

Beautiful Frozen Bubbles

Taking to Twitter from freezing Alberta, one science-minded local shared a series of photos of incredible icy bubbles.

Explaining his recipe for the freezing experiment, Chris Ratzlaff explained that the bubbles were created in -32 degree conditions, and require the use of warm water, corn syrup, dish soap and sugar.

If you’re prepared to get outside and brave the bone-chilling conditions, it’s a pretty beautiful outcome.

Frozen-Clothes Frisbee

Who said you can’t play frisbee in -40 conditions? Not this guy from Calgary it seems…

In this wild video, fearless Kyle Brittain can be seen venturing out into the snowy conditions in Calgary and fetching his now solid clothing from his outdoor drying line.

Not too disappointed with his icy garments, Brittain goes on to start a thrilling game of frisbee with his stiff-AF t-shirt.

It’s hilarious, albeit probably a little dangerous!

Freeze-Fried Eggs

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Frozen-side up it seems over here.

Not to be outdone by the egg-fried-on-the-sidewalk thing, this ice cooking video is next-level Canadian.

If you’re courageous enough to get outdoors in the shockingly cold morning temperatures, you might just manage to freeze-fry your own egg.

The only problem is getting it back out of the pan.

Cold Air, Don't Care

The old-school trick involves tossing boiling hot water into the air and watching it turn into mist. There’s obviously a lot of room for error here and doctors are warning against it.

Dinner Date On Ice

If you’ve run out of suggestions for your significant other for Valentine’s Day, how about a below-zero picnic?

Just like this guy, you can venture out into the freezing wilderness and watch your meal freeze in front of your very own eyes.

It probably won’t be the most romantic date you ever go on, but it’s “Canadian,” right?

Ghost Pants

When it's -45 with windchill, your wet clothes are apparently one of the most fun things you can play with.

If you're tired of playing frisbee with your stiff jeans, how about creating a whole town of torso-less ghost people?

If you're willing to venture out in the freezing evening snow and want to scare your neighbours at the same time, try this at night time.

Frozen clothes look suspiciously ghostly in the dark.

Dance Like Snow-One's Watching

It’s -45 in the Yukon, and apparently even that won’t stop people from enjoying the great outdoors.

Just like Gurdeep Pandher, if you’re a dancer, this crazy climate won’t stop you.

Taking a video of yourself dancing in the snow in absurd -45 conditions doesn't only make you a little bit warmer but it also makes you Canadian.

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