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Canada Is Now Officially One Of The World's Top Destinations For Wildlife Lovers

Welcome to the land of beavers, moose and bears!
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Canada Is Now Officially One Of The World's Top Destinations For Wildlife Lovers

As the land of moose, beavers, and bears, it is hardly surprising that Canada has recently been named one of the best destinations for wildlife lovers worldwide. According to a new study, Canada comes behind only Finland, Sweden and Brazil respectively, making it the fourth best place on the whole planet to see wildlife in their natural habitat!

According to the 2019 Global Wildlife Travel Index, Canada is an “ideal wildlife travel destination,” based on the sheer number of animals and wildlife that live here, and the beautiful places you can see them! In order to assess the world’s best hotspots, the WWF and ZSL joined forces to calculate the amount of different species found in every single country worldwide, and considered what the country is doing to protect them.

As it turned out, Canada had by far the largest number of different species living within the country, with a reported 6,666 creatures sharing the land with us! In fact, there is so much wildlife in Canada, we have almost three times the amount of the second-place country, the USA, who only had 2,341 species! Pfft!

With 6,666 types of wildlife out there for observation, it goes to show that the country has so much more to offer than just Canada geese, beavers, and moose!

With the crazy amount of wildlife we clearly have over here in Canada, it is hard to understand why we didn’t come first place overall in the report! However, the document explains, “As the world becomes increasingly eco-conscious, we have placed a particular focus on examining factors around environmental sustainability, environmental prosperity, and conservation in this year’s report.”

For these reasons, it was decided that Finland was actually the number one destination for wildlife travel worldwide, due to their “high levels of environmental sustainability, its unique and varied diversity of species, beautiful natural landscapes, and conservation efforts.”

In order to create the Global Wildlife Travel Index, researchers considered a number of categories. These included: Megafauna Conservation, Wildlife Species, Prevalence of National Parks, National Parks Pioneers, Protected Natural Areas, Forest Area, Environmental Prosperity, and Environmental Sustainability.

Aside from coming first place in the ‘Wildlife Species’ category, Canada also made the top ten in the Megafauna Conservation Index, as well as the National Parks Pioneers category! 

[rebelmouse-image 25945754 photo_credit="Global Wildlife Travel Index 2019" expand=1 original_size="1688x1412"]

Regardless of whether or not Canada is the official number one  destination for wildlife travel in the Global Wildlife Travel Index, with 6,666 species sharing the land with us, it’s definitely number one in our eyes!

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