Canadians Will Only Have To Deal With 100 Days Of Winter This Year

Hopefully we're not waiting until May.
Canada Winter Forecast Predicts A Milder Than Normal Season With Spring Arriving On Time

Lately, it may be looking like winter is going to bring plenty of snow and bitter cold, but apparently Canadians can expect something different. Canada's winter forecast is actually looking like a fairly mild season. Not only will it be warmer, but they expect spring to arrive right on time in the new year.

David Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment Canada, has predicted both a warmer winter and a prompt spring in 2020.

"In this country, we are the second coldest, we can't avoid winter," Phillips told CTV's Your Morning, "but I don't think it will be memorable. I think Spring will be here sooner than you think."

Phillips also noted that Environment Canada's forecast predicts a regular 90- to 100-day season, unlike the previous one which, while not the most brutal, went from "Halloween until Easter."

"From coast to coast, the flavour of this particular winter -- the personality -- will be warmer than normal," Phillips said.

That may come as a surprise to Canadians, who have already been dealing with plenty of harsh weather. Nova Scotia's recent snowstorm wreaked havoc on its roads, while even Toronto's snowfall has been pretty heavy. In the west, parts of Alberta have also dealt with huge piles of snow.

In spite of all of that, Phillips maintains that models from around the world are predicting warmer temperatures everywhere.

Of course, Canadians shouldn't get too excited yet; it's still the season of cold and snow. There is also the strong possibility of getting hit by a polar vortex.

"A polar vortex will make or break this winter," Phillips told CBC News, "And you know Calgarians lived through the coldest February in 80-some years last year, and it was all about the polar vortex."

According to Phillips, a polar vortex is essentially always at the north pole, but as the system weakens, it can start to drop down toward southern Canada, bringing intensely cold temperatures with it.

Phillips said that he thinks Canada will see the occasional week of extreme cold weather due to a polar vortex, but that overall, Canadians will be "fairly happy" with this season.

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