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Canada’s Spring Weather Predictions Just Came Out

It's going to be a wet one.
Canada’s Spring Weather Predictions Just Came Out

It’s time to start planning your spring, Canada. We know, there is still snow on the ground in some areas and more in the forecast for others but guess what, Canada’s 2020 spring forecast is out. In typical Canadian style, Mother Nature couldn’t decide on one standard forecast and the upcoming weather is diverse. Needless to say, some provinces have it worse than others. 

Don’t lie. You went crazy for the winter forecast when the Farmers Almanac released it. 

Well, guess what, we are back with the spring forecast for all of Canada. 

AccuWeather just released the forecast and we hate to say it but, some parts of the country are going to get pretty soggy. 

The changing of seasons will prompt  wet weather patterns for millions across Quebec and Ontario and because of this, there is an elevated flood risk. 

Guess it's time for rubber boots. 

Each region is going to be different so bear with us while we break it down for you. 

Regardless of if your area is going to have a warm or chilly spring, just be thankful that winter is ending and the first day of spring is almost here. 

Listen closely as you hear all of Canada collectively cheer. We know, it's been a tough winter.

Ontario & Quebec

From Toronto to Montreal, these Canadians will be swapping out their winter boots for rubber boots as there will be rainy weather this spring.

While it will be a wet spring, there is still a chance of storms to unload some snow over the region, especially in March.

So don't burry that winter coat too far in the closet.

Based on the current status, AccuWeather is calling for a flooding risk through the St. Lawrence Valley region.

The areas with the greatest flood risks are those near the shores of the Great Lakes.

But it’s not all wet. There will be a good spring ski season in Quebec, so take advantage of the slopes while you can.

Newfoundland & Labrador 

Bad news. Winter is going to stay with you for a little bit longer.

Much of the area will remain in the icy grips of Old Man Winter, but don’t get your hopes down. Warm weather will come eventually. It always does.

Canadian Prairies

This winter was brutally cold for the prairies. Some areas of Alberta were even the coldest places on the planet this year.

Overall, the possibility of lengthy cold spells remains low according to AccuWeather.

A dry and mild season is predicted for much of the region including Winnipeg, Regina, and Calgary.

This could cause some concerns for the farmers' growing season, however.

Even though AccuWeather is calling for a dry pattern, Manitoba is still facing a flood risk.

“There is a moderate risk of major spring flooding along the Red River Valley in Manitoba later this spring as there is a higher-than-normal amount of water frozen up in the underlying soil,“ the site said.

British Columbia & the Canadian Rockies 

The bulk of the rain and snow will fall over northern B.C. and the northern Canadian Rockies over the next little bit.

Ski resorts will continue to benefit from this so hit up those resorts while you can.

The abundance of snow this year had every snowboarder and skier everywhere jumping for joy, but the dense snowpack could cause a problem.

There is a risk of river and stream flooding in the lower elevations of Alberta and B.C. during late spring.

This may be extended through to the end of spring in northern areas throughout April and into May.

All and all, it’s going to be a pretty wet spring for most of Canada with some places being a little more moist than others.

But after the winter we all had, that’s to be expected.

Let’s just be thankful warmer days are on the horizon.